Excited about takeaway food nights again!!

I have not been very good at updating the blog with any new recipes.. But it’s been so busy lately with the move. Haven’t really been cooking!

Jack is still working on the flat in Bournemouth so me and Winter aren’t fully moved in yet. However, we took the train down on Wednesday to stat with him for 2 nights! No shower has been installed yet so we had to go a bit grimey for the 2 days but it was absolutely fine! So good to see the place again and Jack’s doing such a good job! Cant wait to move in!

During our stay we got takeaway both nights! First from a place called Chicken and Blues. I had their BBQ jackfruit wrap and sweet potato fries, both were really good!!! Def getting it againπŸ‘

Looks a bit messy but was yummy! No pics of the fries but they were really good!!

Also got food from Wagamama. I had the steamed buns with panko aubergine and mushrooms for starter and vegan pad thai for main. The buns were soooooo good!! Wish I’d gotten more Haha and the pad thai was average at best, needed salt desperately and there was no peanuts!! Think I’ll get something else next time!

You think living in London we would be spoilt for choice when it comes to takeaways but where we lived (Barnet) the options were very limited, especially as a vegan! In Boscombe where we will be living there are so many places that do vegan food and the takeaway options are great!! Saturday takeaway night is finally gonna be exciting! Usually Jack would just get takeaway and I’d cook something for myself cause the options were so crap Haha

Happy Saturday!


Garlic and Thyme Flat Mushrooms

Hi all!

Growing up I hated mushrooms, I actually hated mushrooms until I was 24 years old! When I was in New Zealand for 6 months in 2014 I worked with a girl who made me try some mushrooms she had made and I loved them, it made me realise that the reason I hated mushrooms was probably because they just hadn’t been cooked nicely when I had them as a kid! I thought that I hated mushrooms for years even though I’d probably only tried it once or twice as a kid!

Moral of the story; DONT BE AFRAID TO TRY NEW THINGS! Even if it’s something you think you dislike it’s worth trying again. Another reason to keep trying things is that your tastebuds change as you grow older.

This is the most simple mushroom recipe but absolutely delicious! Garlicky goodness yum!

  • Large flat mushrooms
  • Olive oil
  • Garlic cloves
  • Thyme (optional, you could add any herb or spice you like. A bit of chilli flakes would be nice too)
  • Salt and peppar

Place mushrooms on a baking tray, the stem bit should be facing up. Crush one clove of garlic in too each mushroom. If you don’t have a garlic crusher than finely chop your garlic instead. Sprinkle a bit of dried thyme over the mushrooms, salt and pepper to taste. Drizzle over olive oil, be generous with the oil. Bake at 200Β° for 30 minutes.

These mushrooms are yummy on their own but would also be perfect with mashed potatoes, on toast with avocado, in a burger bun or the way I had mine, with some salad and coleslaw. Got the vegan coleslaw from M&S vegan range and it’s amazing!!

They might not look pretty but they are super tasty! 😍


Mixed Grain & Bean Salad with Mushrooms-Perfect Lunchbox Food!

What a glorious day we have had! 18 degrees in London today!! Don’t want this weather to end, getting me so hype for summer!! Went for a long walk with my lil family, got to spend some good quality time with Jack just chatting about life while Winter was sleeping in the buggy 😍

So anyways, lets talk meal prep!! Meal prepping is an amazing way to make sure you always have healthy food in the fridge so that you don’t end up snacking on unhealthy stuff or maybe even end up eating nothing at all! As a new mum I know how hard it can be to find the time to cook healthy meals everyday so meal prepping when you do have a bit of time too spare is a great way to avoid a situation where there’s nothing to eat and no time to fix something up!

This is something I made a couple weeks back and I thought I’d share it with you. It’s the perfect lunchbox food, super easy to prepare, cheap, healthy and there’s no need to heat anything up!

Recipe makes 4 lunchboxes

For the grains and bean salad

  • 1 pack microwave mixed grains (I got Sainsbury’s own brand wild rice and freekeh pack)
  • Tin of mixed beans
  • 1 red pepper
  • Half a small cucumber
  • Salt and peppar
  • 2 tbsp Pesto (you could use any dressing you’d like, olive oil and lemon juice, tahini dressing or maybe sweet chili, whatever you like)

Microwave the grains (you could cook these from scratch but for ease I’m using precooked). Chop the pepper and cucumber in too small pieces. Mix grains, beans, cucumber, pepper and pesto. Salt and peppar to taste.

For the Garlic mushrooms

  • 500gram mushrooms
  • 5 garlic cloves (finely chopped or use a garlic crusher)
  • Salt and peppar
  • Olive oil

Chop mushrooms in too smaller pieces, if using button mushrooms you can keep them whole. Add garlic, salt, peppar and a big glug of olive oil. Bake at 225Β° for 30 minutes.

Divide the grain salad and mushrooms in to 4 lunchboxes. Feel free to add some rocket or spinach! Super healthy and super yummy!

Gorgeous food!😍

Have a great evening!