Beans in Satay Sauce!

Finally have a kitchen again! So nice to be able to cook again!πŸ™Œ

This is the easiest meal prep! Cheating with store bought satay sauce! Haha This took no more than 20 mins start to finish. Great when you have a needy baby!!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Recipe – 5 large portions

  • 2 sliced peppers
  • 175g baby corn
  • 2 tbsp oil
  • 4 jars Yeo’s satay sauce
  • 4 tins white beans

Fry sliced peppers in the oil until slightly softened, then add the baby corn and fry a few more mins. Add the satay sauce and let it get hot then add the beans and heat through. Done!

This is the sauce I use! It’s the best satay sauce, I think most satay sauces you find in supermarkets are way to sweet but this ones got the perfect balance!

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday! Xx

Excited about takeaway food nights again!!

I have not been very good at updating the blog with any new recipes.. But it’s been so busy lately with the move. Haven’t really been cooking!

Jack is still working on the flat in Bournemouth so me and Winter aren’t fully moved in yet. However, we took the train down on Wednesday to stat with him for 2 nights! No shower has been installed yet so we had to go a bit grimey for the 2 days but it was absolutely fine! So good to see the place again and Jack’s doing such a good job! Cant wait to move in!

During our stay we got takeaway both nights! First from a place called Chicken and Blues. I had their BBQ jackfruit wrap and sweet potato fries, both were really good!!! Def getting it againπŸ‘

Looks a bit messy but was yummy! No pics of the fries but they were really good!!

Also got food from Wagamama. I had the steamed buns with panko aubergine and mushrooms for starter and vegan pad thai for main. The buns were soooooo good!! Wish I’d gotten more Haha and the pad thai was average at best, needed salt desperately and there was no peanuts!! Think I’ll get something else next time!

You think living in London we would be spoilt for choice when it comes to takeaways but where we lived (Barnet) the options were very limited, especially as a vegan! In Boscombe where we will be living there are so many places that do vegan food and the takeaway options are great!! Saturday takeaway night is finally gonna be exciting! Usually Jack would just get takeaway and I’d cook something for myself cause the options were so crap Haha

Happy Saturday!


Vegan Pizza in Bournemouth!

Hello, I have been offline for a few days. Between having the flu and moving flats I have just been so stressed. Social media was not a priority Haha

However, I feel so much better and today we went down to visit Jack in Bournemouth! Me and Winter are staying with the in laws while Jack gets the flat ready so he spends most days down there on his own! We miss him so much. But today we finally got to visit him! And the sun was out, it was t-shirt weather! So lovely! We walked to the beachfront and had lunch at a place called The Wood Oven. I can highly recommend their vegan pizza!! Generous amount of tasty vegan cheese and a nice base! Cant wait to go back!

Winter’s first trip to the seaside and what will be her new home soon! So flipping cute in her lil sun hat!!❀❀

Such a great day!! Sad to be leaving Jack and to be heading back to London.. But we’ll be back soon😊

I also scoffed this vegan brownie! So yummy but wow was it rich! Still feel full from it Haha So many vegan options everywhere down there!!

Hope you all have a happy Easter weekend!! Xx

Review on Eat Vive Bars!

Before going vegan my favourite chocolate bar was Snickers so when I read a comment regarding the Eat Vive peanut bar tasting like Snickers I was like “oh lord I need to get some of these bars!!!!”

Eat Vive are doing a special at the moment where you can buy 12 bars for Β£12! Usually its 12 for Β£16. You get 4 each of salted caramel, hazelnut and peanut.

For some reason I was only charged Β£10.71 at the checkout. Not sure why but hey win for me!

These are protein bars made without artificial ingredients. They are vegan, gluten free and each bar packs 10grams of protein!

I didn’t really buy them for the protein though Haha I just wanted some chocolate bars!😜

So here we go!

Salted Caramel 6/10

This is my least favourite. Doesn’t really taste much of salted caramel and wish they’d put a bit more of the crunchy bits in! Bit sickly sweet.

Hazelnut 7/10

I love hazelnut and chocolate together, just wish there would have been more chunky bits of nut in this bar. But I did enjoy it!

Peanut 8/10

This was my fave! But it’s no way near the taste of a Snickers bar!! Again I wish there were more chunky bits of peanuts! If you’re looking for a vegan Snickers like me, keep looking πŸ˜‰

I have been quite generous on the scoring because these bars are not supposed to be just a normal chocolate bar, they are protein bars after all and they are really tasty as far as protein bars go! They don’t taste gritty or artificially sweet.

Would I buy again? Probably not.. But was nice to try something new!

Keen to try their protein powder though!


Sainsbury’s Vegan Butternut squash Pizza!

Happy Tuesday! I still feel unwell, starting to think it might be the flu.. I HATE being sick. I’m used to going outside every day and I know I need to rest but I hate just sitting at home! And I’m terrified that my lil girl is gonna catch whatever I have! Fingers crossed she’ll be ok!

I had this pizza from sainsbury’s last night. It had been reduced so thought I’d give it a go. Was actually really nice but why are they so stingy with the “cheese”!! Was so little on there they might as well have left it off! But saying that I would buy it again, only when its reduced price though! Haha

Keen to try their other vegan pizza too! Its Indian spiced if I remember it correctly?πŸ€”

Hope you are all feeling well and not as rotten as me! If you got any good remedies suitable for a breastfeeding mama let me know??πŸ˜‡