Review on Eat Vive Bars!

Before going vegan my favourite chocolate bar was Snickers so when I read a comment regarding the Eat Vive peanut bar tasting like Snickers I was like “oh lord I need to get some of these bars!!!!”

Eat Vive are doing a special at the moment where you can buy 12 bars for £12! Usually its 12 for £16. You get 4 each of salted caramel, hazelnut and peanut.

For some reason I was only charged £10.71 at the checkout. Not sure why but hey win for me!

These are protein bars made without artificial ingredients. They are vegan, gluten free and each bar packs 10grams of protein!

I didn’t really buy them for the protein though Haha I just wanted some chocolate bars!😜

So here we go!

Salted Caramel 6/10

This is my least favourite. Doesn’t really taste much of salted caramel and wish they’d put a bit more of the crunchy bits in! Bit sickly sweet.

Hazelnut 7/10

I love hazelnut and chocolate together, just wish there would have been more chunky bits of nut in this bar. But I did enjoy it!

Peanut 8/10

This was my fave! But it’s no way near the taste of a Snickers bar!! Again I wish there were more chunky bits of peanuts! If you’re looking for a vegan Snickers like me, keep looking 😉

I have been quite generous on the scoring because these bars are not supposed to be just a normal chocolate bar, they are protein bars after all and they are really tasty as far as protein bars go! They don’t taste gritty or artificially sweet.

Would I buy again? Probably not.. But was nice to try something new!

Keen to try their protein powder though!


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